Safe Travel

St Mary’s Catholic College acknowledges the complexity around traffic flow - both pedestrian and vehicular - within and immediately outside the St Mary’s College Precinct. The complexity poses a potential risk, particularly to pedestrians, and the reduction of that risk demands cooperation from staff, students, parents, visitors to the College, and external service providers.

It is imperative, therefore, that the following directions be observed:

  • No private vehicles should ‘double-park’ or stand on Canterbury Street to drop, collect or wait for students;
  • No private vehicles should ‘double-park’ or stand on Canterbury Street for the purpose of business the exchange at the College;
  • All vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas on Canterbury Street and West Street if they are conducting any business at the College;
  • Drivers need to drop off and/or pick up students in the pick-up and drop off zone north of the West Street Bus Bay.

For ease of movement and the safety of all involved, the following parking directions are to be observed:

  • Staff and Visitor parking is available at the front office and in front of the College on Canterbury Street.
  • Student parking is available on West Street.

Pedestrians should be alert to the possibility of vehicles at all times. Students are to use pathways wherever they are available. Students crossing Canterbury Street or Centre Street must use the pedestrian crossings on these roads.

Traffic Management Plan.