As a Catholic School, our Catholic faith underpins all our actions. St Mary's Catholic College promotes a learning community where all aspects of education are nourished. We strongly value the notion of partnership in education, encouraging families to actively work with the school to meet every child’s needs.

Catholic secondary schools in the Diocese of Lismore use the following order of priority for enrolment:

  1. Children of families of Lismore Diocesan Catholic primary schools within the parish/region (nominally, this enrolment would have been for a minimum four-year period). Also, children of Catholic families who have not attended a Catholic primary school are active within the parish.
  2. Children of families who currently have or have had siblings within the school (including children of employees of the Diocese of Lismore).
  3. Children of families transferring from another Catholic school, first from within the Diocese of Lismore and then from other Catholic dioceses.
  4. Children of Catholic families within the parish/region enrolled in a non-Catholic school.
  5. Children are recommended for consideration by the Parish Priest.
  6. Children of other-than-Catholic families attend other schools and are open to and supportive of the spiritual and religious possibilities offered by a Catholic school.

Catholic secondary schools in the Diocese of Lismore use an order of priority for enrolments. See our Enrolment Policy and Fees for more information. 


Step 1. Prepare your enrolment documents 

Step 2. Create an account and/or log in 

Step 3. Create or update your child’s profile and your profile

Step 4. Create an application for your school.


School fee statements are sent out to families monthly. Tuition Fees are billed over four terms for Years 7- 11 students and over three terms for Year 12 students. All other fees and levies will be billed in Term 1. All fees are to be finalised by the published due dates.

Tuition Fees  Per Year Per Term  Per Week (40 Weeks)
Year 7-10 $2140 $535.00 $53.50
Year 11-12 $2682 $670.50 $67.05


Sibling Discounts are applied to Tuition Fees. We are able to offer sibling discounts for families with children across both Parish Schools. These discounts will be applied as follows:

Child  Discount 
First Nil
Second 7% discount on tuition fee for second child only
Third  15% discount on tuition fee for third child only
Fourth Free tuition fees only for fourth and subsequent children

Additional Charges

Area  Detail
General Levy Years 7 & 8 - $295 Includes both mandatory and rotational subject levies, planner, retreat, photocopying, Science safety glasses and hardcase, incidentals. Year 9 - $215 & Year 10 - $220 Includes mandatory subject levies – RE, English, Maths, Science and HSIE, planner, retreat, photocopying and incidentals. Year 11 - $145 & Year 12 - $145 Includes mandatory subject levies – RE, English, planner, photocopying and incidentals.
Text & Technology Levy  The annual Text and Technology Levy is $100 per student. The Levy provides a personal ‘hire’ copy of textbooks and online subscriptions.
Elective Fees  Some Elective subjects in Years 9-12 incur additional fees which are payable at the beginning of each year for all students. Full details can be obtained in the Junior and Senior Handbooks
Building Levy  The School Building Levy of $330 is an annual contribution which all families make towards the capital development and loan repayments of our Parish Schools. This is not an optional extra.

Methods of Payment

The due dates for payment of School Fees and Levies are as follows:

  • Weekly, fortnightly or monthly then the amount is to be paid in full by 12 December
  • Per Term: 

-Term One by 30 March 
-Term Two by 6 June 
-Term Three by 22 August 
-Term Four by 12 December 

By way of:

  • BPay – this is the preferred method of payment. Please refer to your school fee statement for details
  • Compass
  • At the College Office in the form of cash or EFTPOS

For further enquiries, please email the College Registrar at smccenrolments@lism.catholic.edu.au.