Physical Education

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education is an important course for students and the community because it:

  • encourages an understanding and valuing of oneself and others
  • develops an ability in students to make informed decision in their lives
  • promotes lifelong involvement in physical activity.

If our children are to become happy, healthy, responsible and productive citizens, they need to develop certain knowledge, skills and values.

PDHPE is  taught in each Year, 7 through to 10, and will build on the Kindergarten to Year 6 course target in the primary school. If students wish to develop their interests and talents further in this area of learning, they may choose to study addition courses in Years 7-10 such as Physical Activities and Sports Studies and Child Studies. and 11-12 – Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation, Exploring Early Childhood,

The course addresses a wide range of personal and community health issues such as sex education, nutrition, safe, fitness, HIV/AIDS, drug use, stress and child protection. Topics of this nature are important issues facing society today and will be taught in a manner which supports the role of parents and reflects the ideals of the school.

The course also promotes physical activity and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. It will give students the opportunity to become skilled in a variety of physical activities such as games, dance, gymnastics, athletics and swimming.