Additional Needs


Quick Smart

QuickSmart aims to improve the numeracy and literacy development of students who are experiencing learning problems or delays and, hence, not achieving their academic potential. Participating students may have varying levels of learning difficulties because of knowledge gaps, lack of practice, mild intellectual disability, anxiety, low confidence, or associated behaviour problems.

It is an intensive 30 week program.

Student are identified each year based on classroom observations and standardised assessments.

Teaching All Students

The College aims to strengthen the capability of all teachers to deliver inclusive, high quality teaching and learning  for students with all abilities.

Curriculum Adjustments

Adjustments are measures or actions taken in relation to teaching, learning and assessment that enable a student with special education needs to access syllabus outcomes and content on the same basis as their peers. The types of adjustments made will vary according to the needs of the individual student. (  Life Skills programs are implemented for students identified through assessment, who need to access a curriculum that allows them success.  The Life Skills program runs alongside the mainstream curriculum within the classroom environment. Each student is individually catered for.

Disability Provisions – Assessment Tasks

Disability provisions are practical arrangements designed to assist students who couldn’t otherwise make a fair attempt to show what they know in an examination setting. The Disability Standards for Education 2005, issued under the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act, outlines the obligations of education and training providers to ensure that students with disabilities are able to access and participate in education without experiencing discrimination.

The college is responsible for determining and approving disability provisions for all school based assessment tasks. The principal has the authority to decide on, and implement, disability provisions for school-based assessment tasks including examinations. The Board of Studies determines Disability provisions for the Higher School Certificate (HSC) examinations only.

Year 6 to Year 7

The college endeavours to ensure that the teaching staff and your child are prepared for the transition to secondary school. The school has an orientation days in December.

Some students require extra visits to orientate to a new school environment. These visits can be arranged in Term 3 or 4. These can be on an individual basis or with peers.

Students with an identified disability will have a supported enrolment interview.